Freemasonry as a Model of Ideal Society

Freemasonry aims to show its members how an ideal society could be. Of course, every freemason is conscious of the fact that this model society can never be attained, not even approximately.

It is part of the method of masonic teaching to refrain from issuing direct orders and prohibitions; instead, ideal goals and virtues are presented in the form of rituals and symbols. The degree of approaching these aims and virtues remains within the individual mason’s personal responsibility.

During regular lodge meetings symbols and rituals are consistently interpreted and analyzed. These discussions are supposed to provide some orientation and are not meant as any form of indoctrination.

Freemasonry aims to open its members’ eyes to the world as it truly is—and as it could potentially be. And thus it is keen to strengthen its members’ power of judgement.

The social concept of freemasonry is founded upon three principles:


One could also name these principles as:

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