Freedom in the arts and in personal convictions, equality before the law. It is an essential achievement of freemasonry to have argued the idea of equality before the law at a time when this was still discarded as utopian. 

Of course many deficits remain also in this field and worldwide freemasonry is called to continue to help equality before the law and equality of chances being accepted.

As a principle, however, the tenet of equality before law has internationally been recognized; i. e., the same rules apply to all human beings. Neither social status, religion nor birth in any way justify inequality before the law.

The Equality of Genders

Freemasonry as understood by us regards the equality of sexes as a long-since acquired human right and as a matter of course. Hence men and women have entirely equal rights in our lodges.

Historically exclusively male membership in masonic organizations may have had its reasons, but this no longer reflects modern society. Therefore our lodges deem any further justification for gender equality superfluous.

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