Lodge Lux Danubiana

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The lodge Lux Danubiana is the oldest and today largest member lodge of the Grand Lodge Humanitas Austria. The lodge was founded in 1960 and became the nucleus for the current Grand Lodge Humanitas. The greater part of the other member lodges have their origins in this lodge. As do the other lodges, Lux Danubiana cultivates the masonic principles of humaneness, tolerance and freedom of thought. The members of Lux Danubiana place special value in mutual respect, harmony during the meetings and the level of the discussions. We do not only deal with classical themes from the fields of symbols and rituals of freemasonry, but also look further afield at subjects from philosophy, psychology, mythology and music—to name but a few. Denominational or party political themes are frowned upon as they could disturb the principle of tolerance. We generally come together every two weeks for lodge meetings.

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